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Okinawan Taraditional Cooking

During the Great Trade period, The 14th centry to the 16th centry Okinawan Traditional Cooking was rapidly developed to entertain the the delegate from China.Okinawan Cooking is nutritionally balanced,Which could lead to the longevity in Okinawa.

Pork-The most used ingredient in Okinawan cooking

As you already know, Okinawan people use every part of a pig for cooking except for its oink. The way of cooking pork is important because they know how to take its fat away while retaining nutrition. As known for a native spicies, Agu which is a black colored pig attracts tourists around the world.

Okinawa Soba-Okinawan Traditional Soul Food


Awamori-A Okinawan Unique Liquor

In recent years, Awamori is a popular with not only domestic tourits but also international tourists. rice is a important ingredient for making Awamori. Today, there are various ways to drink. Awamori aged for three years or more is called “Kusu” We would like you to enjoy its rich and deep flavor with the Okinawan dish.


Champuru can be the most famous Okinawan homemade cooking. In Okinawan dialect, champuru means to mix various ingredients together such as tofu and pork. Go-ya (bitter plant) champuru is commonly eaten in Okinawa, but when you visit a restaurant in Okinawa, you will see a variety of champuru such as Tohu champuru and noodle on the manu. There are many restaurants that serve champuru in Okinawa. You can enjoy the taste of various kinds of champuru.

Tuna-The most recommended Okinawan Seafood

Okinawa is the Island surrounded by coral sea, so you can see colorful fish line the market. Tuna is also the most recommended seafood when you have a meal in Okinawa. Tuna fishing is a large industry in Okinawa, and the quantity of tuna catch is third highest in Japan. In Okinawa, all four species of tuna are caught because of a unique area where Okinawa is located. Tuna is shipped directly to the market without being frozen when the tuna is caught. At the fishing port, Naha, many tuna on sale by vendors, and also fillets of tuna prepared by workers with masterly skills are available. Additionally, you can eat the fresh tuna in the restaurant nearby the port.

Okinawan Cooking-What supports Okinawan Life

In Okinawa, They have a basic idea of Ishokudougen which means food and medicine shoul be from the same origin.

Because of Okinawan historical background, Its food is very rich in its variety.

In addition, there are many health foods among the ingredients used in Okinawan cooking such as Mozuku and Shikuwasa.

Even the brown sugar commonly eaten as snacks contains a large amount of minerals and nutritients.

Just not only healthy foods, but the unique method of cooking has been handed down from generation to generation. The beauty of Okinawa and the wisdom that the ancestors brought have contribute to the Okinawans’ life.