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Crisis management information

Total: 1,447,149
Men: 711,596
Women: 735,553
Households: 585,315
(Estimates as of February 1, 2018)


1,206.96 km² (466.01 sq.mi.)
(Geospatial Information Authority of Japan; As of Oct. 1st. 2015)


North latitude 26 degrees 00 minutes – 27 degrees 00 minutes
East longitude 127 degrees 30 minutes – 128 degrees 30 minutes

Contacts for Emergencies and Unexpected Incidents

Emergency call to police.
Please call 110 to report an accident or crime.

Fire, ambulance, emergency rescue.
Call 118 to report a fire or to ask for an ambulance or rescue service or to contact an emergency call center (a fire station).

Emergency call to coast guard.
Call 119 to report an accident or crime at sea Please

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