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Chiisana Koi no Uta

A small town in Okinawa. A place where there are two "countries" separated by a fence, Japan and the United States. There, a high school band was very popular. With his ability to sing his own songs and make the viewers enthusiastic, he received a scout from a label in Tokyo and decided to make his professional debut. However, a car accident into them and the band loses sight of where they are going.
At that time, appeared just one of a demo tape of a song and a girl living in a US military base.
With them, time begin to move forward. They pick up the instrument again to deliver their friend's "feelings" to the other side of the fence.

会社名Production Company Production : ROBOT Distribution : TOEI COMPANY, LTD.

Director: Kojiro Hashimoto
Screenplay: Kenya Hirata (
Planning / Producing: Takeshi Yamashiro
Producer: Akira Morii
Music / Drama Song Arrangement / Musical Instrument Guidance: Yosuke Miyauchi / Yosuke @ HOME
Photo: Futa Takagi
Lighting: Keijiro Akiyama
Recording: Nagayuki Komatsuzaki
Art: Masumi Miura
Decoration: Daijiro Koyama
Edited by: Mitsuo Nishio


Hayato Sano, Yuki Morinaga, Anna Yamada, Atsushi Maeda, Jin Suzuki, Tomiko Claire / Masanori Sera

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