Nakagamihouseikai Raod~Ahacha Bridge~

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A part of the main road used for transmitting orders from the Shuri royal government and paying taxes during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Two stone bridges (Ahacha Bridge) over the upper reaches of the Kowan River and a cobblestone road around them remain.

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カテゴリーCategory HeritageRoads and BridgesPublic FacilityHistoric Landscape/Okinawan Landscape
Postal Address Ahacha Urasoecity Okinawa

As this is a Japan's designated historic site, please be aware of the following when shooting.
・ Shooting is limited to cases that do not affect the housing around the historic site.
・ Do not damage the of stone pavement, stone bridge, etc.
・ Do not change the current situation such as excavation
・ Consideration for visitors and worshipers visiting historic sites
・ Apply at least 1 week before.

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