Kanna Dam

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The Kanna Dam is easily accessible from Okinawa highway, and the dam itself has a masonry pattern that resembles an Okinawan castle (Gusuku), creating an Okinawan style.
There is also a large lakeside park and biotope, which are used multipurpose.

Area Northern Area / Ginoza Vill
カテゴリーCategory Park and Leisure PoolPublic FacilityJungleHistoric Landscape/Okinawan LandscapeObservatory
Postal Address 〒904-1304
Okinawa, Kunigami District, Ginoza, Kanna, 中山原2015-2
TEL 0980-53-6321

Approximately 120 minutes drive from Naha Airport through local road.
Approximately 60 minutes drive from Naha Airport via Okinawa highway.

Parking Available
Toilet Available
Nearby Information Roadside Station GINOZA