Nagahama Beach

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There are two entrances to the beach, eastside and westside, and the east entrance is marked by a public toilet.
Park your car in an open space in the nearby area and walk about 20 meters along a narrow lane covered with plant, and you can see a white sandy beach and the blue sea in front of you.
The Nagahama Beach is about 300m long.
The beach is faces north, and wind is strong in winter.
A lot of shooting results.

Area Northern Area / Nakijin Vill
カテゴリーCategory Seasides and Beaches
Postal Address 〒905-0402
744 Aza Syoshi, Nakijin Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture
TEL Please ask Nakijin Village Tourism Association (0980-56-1057)

Okinawa Expressway 90 minutes from Naha Airport

Parking Yes

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