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Located in Seragaki Island, Onna Village on the west coast of Okinawa Prefecture, the entire island is a hotel, and it is a perfect location surrounded by 360-degree ocean.
There are 343 guest rooms in total, divided into 320 rooms on the Seragaki Island side of "The Island" and 23 rooms on the Okinawa main island side of "The Beach House".
The hotel has 6 restaurants and 3 bars.  There are also two outdoor and one indoor pools, wellness and activities and a spa.

Area Northern Area / Onna Vill
カテゴリーCategory ResortAccommodation (Hotel, Cottage, Inn)
Postal Address 〒901-0404
1108 Seragaki Onnason, Okinawa, Japan
TEL +81- (0)98-960-4300

From the Tomigusuku-Nakachi IC (IC No. A4) near Naha Airport, through the Okinawa Expressway, exit at the Yaka IC (IC No.7) and take Prefectural Route 88 toward Cape Manzamo.
Total about 60 minutes from the Naha Airport.


【Location / Shooting record】
■ Rakuten Travel Commercial :
■ TV Show "Ariyoshi's winter vacation 2022" , etc.
【Shooting fee】 Negotiable
【Notes on shooting】Application for drone shooting is required. For other inquiries, please contact to Hotel.

Parking 207
Toilet YES
Nearby Information 5 minutes' drive to Convenience Store. 5 minutes' drive to Manzamo-cape.

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