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Riad Lamp is Japan's first Moroccan Riad-style hotel.
The location is in a quiet natural place with the forest such as banyan tree in the background and the emerald green sea below, and the interior is all decorated with custom-made Morocco, so you can enjoy the exotic space while you are in Japan.
The bathrooms are made of Moroccan plaster, and the different Moroccan lamps in the riad, such as the infinity pool and corridors in Moroccan style, create a mysterious adult space of light and shadow.
It is an adult hideaway with a stylish modern Moroccan interior instead of the old Islamic image.
Large buses, crane cars, large trucks, etc. can be parked. Since there are 5 hotel rooms, it can be used as a waiting room.

Area Southern Area / Nanjo City
カテゴリーCategory ResortForeign LandscapeAccommodation (Hotel, Cottage, Inn)
Postal Address 〒901-1511
415 Kudeken Chinen Nanjo City, Okinawa

About 40mins from Naha Airport by car

Website https://riadlamp.com/

Riad Lamp Moroccan Riad-style hotel.

Parking 10台
Toilet Available

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