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Discover the new entertainment aquarium
combining the latest visual expression and spatial representation.
Fascinating art installations, subtropical environment together with adorable creatures will invite you to a brand new entertainment world.
Be ready to enter this healing space with visual expression and nature in one.

Area Southern Area / Tomigusuku City
カテゴリーCategory ResortJungleOther
Postal Address 〒901-0225
3-35, Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa

20 minutes* drive from Naha Airport
*The distance from Naha Airport is approximately 5km.The time required to reach the facility may depend on traffic conditions.
MAPCODE : 232 543 400*25

Parking 3,100 cars available at ”iias Toyosaki Shopping Mall" parking
Toilet Available
Nearby Information Roadside Station Toyosaki