Imgya Marine Garden

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Imgya Marine Garden, which is visited by many people as a natural seaside park that stands out from the white sandy beach, is a scenic spot with excellent transparency and superb views.
You can enjoy marine activities in the "natural pool" that makes use of the cove, or you can enjoy a panoramic view of the horizon from the observatory.
You can see fish and coral reefs swimming in the sea from the promenade, so you can enjoy the beauty of the sea without swimming.
Imgya means "surrounded spring water"

Area Remote Islands / Miyakojima City
カテゴリーCategory Seasides and Beaches
Postal Address 〒906-0107
Tomori-605-2 Gusukube, Miyakojima, Okinawa
TEL Agricultural Administration Division, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, Miyakojima City Office: TEL 0980-76-6840

■About 15 minutes drive from Miyako Airport
■About 40 minutes drive from Shimoji-jima Airport

Parking Available
Toilet Available

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