Busena Marine Park Underwater Observetory

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Busena Marine Park is a tourist facility located on Cape Busena, a scenic spot in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.
You can observe colorful tropical fish and coral, and enjoy the expansive sea.
In the "glass boat", you can look into the fish living in nature through the glass bottom of the boat.
At the only "underwater observatory" on the main island of Okinawa, you can enjoy the ocean even it's bad weather.
Recommended for shooting of Okinawa's seascapes and people enjoying in the sea.

Area Northern Area / Nago City
カテゴリーCategory Seasides and BeachesObservatory
Postal Address 〒905-0026
1744-1, Kise, Nago-city, OKINAWA
TEL +81- 980-52-3379

About 90 minutes drive through Route 58 from Naha airport.
About 75 minutes drive through high way (get on at NAHA I.C ,and get off at KYODA I.C.)

Website https://www.busena-marinepark.com/english/index.html

【NOTE for Shooting】
◆ Shooting Fee:It may be charged if the shooting is requested by charter.
◆ Pets not allowed (except guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs)

Parking 200 cars available
Toilet YES
Nearby Information About 5 km from KYODA I.C. ( Okinawa highway exit )

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