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"We offer SUPPY, a stand-up paddleboard experience that is a new kind of marine activity and a first for the Okinawa area.
SUPPY differs from regular SUP in that the rider can move forward easily just by pushing down on pedals alternately with both feet, and use the handlebar to steer the board easily in the direction they want to turn. This marine activity is suited to everyone!
The boards are designed so that anyone, young and old, can take a leisurely walk on the ocean without fear of falling in the water, even first-timers.
It is also very popular with women who find the pedaling to be great exercise! When holidaying at resorts, we tend to eat and drink too much, don’t we? SUPPY offers the opportunity to get back in shape with a walk on the ocean while in a refreshed state of mind. For this reason, we think it will be very well received in media that targets women!
Other options include cruising with your children or taking a walk on the ocean with your beloved pet.
Our fishing experience takes you to shallow areas that boats are usually unable to access. Because there is less stress on the fish, even beginners find they are able to catch fish easily.
On still days, you can drop a lure close to 50 meters deep into the ocean and catch a big fish by jiggling the line.
One of the biggest thrills of any isolated island is the sunset! A sunset seen from the ocean while aboard a SUPPY is bound to be a memory you will treasure forever.
Just as the sun sinks behind the horizon, the water beneath your SUPPY board is lit up with special LEDs. The small fish that are attracted by the light from the LEDs will guide you on a wonderful night cruise of Ishigaki Island.
These activities have not yet received much media coverage, so contact us quickly!
We look forward to receiving requests from all quarters."

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