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The use of texts, drawings, photographs, movies, computer programs, various data etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “content”) posted on the “Okinawa Film Office” (hereinafter “this site”) shall be subject to the following conditions provided by the Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau (hereinafter “Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau”). Every user that visits this site and uses it is assumed to have agreed with these usage rules. In addition, this usage policy may be changed without notice. We will post any changes on this website and notify users if we change this usage policy. After submitting the changes, users are assumed to have agreed to the updated terms of use.



Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau tries its best to provide accurate information about the content posted on this site, but it does not guarantee its reliability and safety.
Also, we do not assume responsibility for any damage caused by using the information of this site and this site itself. Although we may link from this site to a third party’s website, we are not responsible for any damage caused by using the linked third-party web site and using the posted information.
Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau may change or delete information on this site without notice, and suspend the operation of this site.
In addition, Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau is not responsible for any damage caused by change or deletion of information, or interruption or discontinuation of the operation of this site, regardless of reason. Thank you for your understanding.


About copyright

All copyrights (or intellectual property rights) of the content of this site belong to the Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau, except for when specifically mentioned. Prior approval of the Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau is necessary to use the content of this site, so please be sure to contact us beforehand.

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About personal information (privacy)

On this site, we automatically collect information on users (access source IP address or hostname, access date and time, accessed file name), record access number and access trends for statistical purposes. The collected information is handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.
Unless in the event of illegal acts such as unauthorized access, intimidation, etc., when there is a request for disclosure under law, and other special exceptions, we will not use the collected information for purposes other than the stated one or provide it to third parties. However, we may disclose statistically processed information such as access information and user attributes for the website.


About linking

Linking to this site from sites containing adult content, or content against public decency, is strictly prohibited. Displaying the content of this site inside a frame is also prohibited. Otherwise, as long as there is no copyright infringement as per the law, linking is allowed.
We ask your cooperation in linking directly to the homepage of the site.