Home Achievement KATABUI -In the heart of Okinawa-
KATABUI -In the heart of Okinawa-
作品内容Story Daniel López didn't know anything about Okinawa. Seduced by these southern Japanese islands, once an independent kingdom, he left Switzerland to settle there. Ten years later, he shares his fondness for Okinawa but also his questioning on the archipelago's identity threatened by the U.S. military presence and an excessive urban development. To understand the locals' peaceful resistance, he takes us inside Okinawa on the path to discovering a local belief with inspirational scope.
会社名Production Company ククルビジョン 
主な出演者Starring Morito Itoman / Shingo Uehara / Yasuhiro Uema / Minoru Kinjo / Rieko Shinjo
字幕Subtitle 字幕ありWith subtitle
備考Others Director : Daniel Lopez Production Countries : Switzerland / Japan Genre: Documentary
支援内容Filming Support 平成26年度海外コンテンツサポート事業支援作品