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About Filming Support

Our services are free of charge.

1. Provision of location information
Consult with us about any aspect of your location shoot from planning to filming.
*We do not only research like conduct scouting for talents/ actors.
2. Support from location scouting to coordination
We will research locations matching your criteria, and wherever possible accompany you on scenario and location scouting and then coordinate with your chosen location site.
3. Support in the coordination and submitting filming permit applications
We provide information on how to apply for filming permits for private facilities and how to prepare applications for location permits for public facilities.
4. Accompany the filming at location as much as possible
In addition to coordinating with the location site, we will also accompany you to the location site as best of possible.
5. Recruitment of extras
We can help find volunteer extras as needed for your shoot. (Okinawa Location Supporters)
6. Help with presentations explaining product placement etc.
We can help advertise presentations to recruit companies who offer shooting cooperation services and products for use in the shoot.
7. Assistance in airing and screening
We can help with publicity through the Okinawa Film Office Twitter feed, the OCVB e-mail newsletter, the Okinawa Location Supporters, and various collaborative OCVB promotions.

Assistance in Various Scenes

*We will not partake in tie-up negotiations. (Please negotiate directly with subject corporations.)
*We do not provide production funds.
*We are not liable for damages to persons or properties in relation to the filming
(Production parties are asked to subscribe to necessary insurance policies.)

To apply for support, click here for details

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