Yabuchi Island/Yabuchi Beach

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Yabuchi Island is a small uninhabited island on the east side of the Katsuren Peninsula.
A bridge is built over the Yabuchi Island, and you can cross over on a bridge by car.
Yabuchi Beach is the coast/beach on the right side after entering Yabuji Island.
There is a long beach with a wide sandy beach.
*The photo was taken at low tide.

Area Central Area / Uruma City
カテゴリーCategory Seasides and Beaches
Postal Address 3458-2 Yabuchi Yakena, Yonashiro,Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture

75 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the Okinawa Expressway)
37 minutes by car from Okinawa South IC

Parking No
Toilet No

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