MATAYOSHI COFFEE FARM A tourism Farm in Higashi Village

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A tourism learning farm located in Higashi Village.
There has various locations are available such as cafe / roasting experience / campsite / cottage and the coffee harvesting experience.
In the coffee harvesting experience, you can learn all the processes from the coffee fruit to a cup of coffee, and you can enjoy delicious coffee and Okinawan sweets at the cafe.
You can see the best sunrise from the cottage that stands on the innermost hill in the park.

Area Northern Area / Higashi Vill
カテゴリーCategory Park and Leisure PoolJungleFarms and FieldsAccommodation (Hotel, Cottage, Inn)Restaurant, Bar
Postal Address 〒905-1205
718-28 Gesaji, Higashi-village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
TEL 0980-43-2838

1 hour and 40 minutes by car (using the highway) from Naha Airport.

Parking Yes
Toilet Yes

A tourism farm in Higashi-Village

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