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Sea grape farm, guest house, campsite, and rental space.
A guest house that appears after passing through a sugar cane field.
It is often used for shooting commercials and stills.
Inside the facility, there are terraces and decks with a panoramic view of the sea and sunset, a natural beach with white sand, and a campsite.
20 seconds walk to the sea.
Tour of sea grape farm, picking experience, salt making experience, sale of morning harvested sea grapes, world's first raw sea grape software, marine activities and camping, empty-handed BBQ, etc.
It is a complex experience facility packed with "Okinawa".

Area Southern Area / Itoman City
カテゴリーCategory Park and Leisure PoolDerelict Building/Vacant Land/Facilities RemindsLakes/Rivers and FallsHistoric Landscape/Okinawan LandscapeRestaurant, BarDesert islandShopping mall
Postal Address 〒901-0362
1931 Maezato Itoman City, Okinawa

About 20 mins by a car.


Sea grape farm, guest house, campsite, and rental space.

Parking 30
Toilet Available
Nearby Information Convenience store about 3 mins by a car

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