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A 20-minute from Naha Airport by car, this is a guest house in front of the sea where you can see the beautiful sunset and the sea from the spacious rooftop.
There are guest room and Buddhist altar room, and the kitchen where American culture remains,and you can scene shoot Okinawa'n mix coulture.
The large terrace under the roof is ideal for preparing for shooting in rainy weather.
In addition, old okinawa'n townscapes, battlefields, and the coast are nearby, so it is easy to get around by car.

Area Southern Area / Itoman City
カテゴリーCategory Historic Landscape/Okinawan LandscapeAccommodation (Hotel, Cottage, Inn)
Postal Address 2275 Itoman, Itoman City 2F

Approximately 20 minutes south of Route 331 from Naha Airport by car

Website https://www.yadoari.com/

【Notes on shooting】
●Shooting fee:Paid
●There is a cat, so please be careful if you have allergies.
●Please apply as soon as possible.

Parking 3 units
Toilet Yes

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