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"Centered on an employment agency, P’s SQUARE is a commercial complex featuring 7 diverse restaurants (steak house, café, kushikatsu, sushi, etc.), bank, IT businesses, hair salon and beauty parlor.
Conveniently located about 3 minutes by car from the Nishihara Interchange. Free communal parking is available for 250 vehicles and the center also has free Wi-Fi.
The modern building is light and airy, featuring high ceilings and generous use of glass. P’s SQUARE’s own offices offer a modern office environment on the 4th floor, and there are rental conference rooms on the 5th floor. There are many areas that offer stylish spaces for filming, such as the offices and the commercial facilities, and the rental conference rooms could be used for press launches."

Area Central Area / Urasoe City
カテゴリーCategory Restaurant, BarShopping mall

A 25-minute drive on local roads from Naha

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