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This is the only facility in Okinawa where you can experience the three ways of Japanese culture, "Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, and Calligraphy," wearing a simple Kimono. There are authentic tea rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and flowering gardens, and many foreigners enjoy Japanese culture. Onna Village, Kibougaoka, where is quite rich in nature and worth to visit. You can take memorable photos at Sasagiri-an, a place full of flowers and greenery and where butterflies dance. We also support domestic and overseas crews such as Movies, TV, YouTube, and Promotional Video shooting (Japanese, English, and Chinese). Please feel free to contact us.

Area Northern Area / Onna Vill
カテゴリーCategory Japanese LandscapeRestaurant, Bar
Postal Address 〒904-0401
1765-8, Nakama, Onna-village, Kunigami-gun, OKINAWA
TEL 098-967-8175

70 minutes if using the expressway


1. Shootable Day and Time : Consultation required
2. Terms of use: No pets allowed
3. Application deadline: Please apply one week before shooting.
4. Use of fire: Hearth (charcoal) can be used
5. Water use: Available
6. Open set : Available depending on the shape * Consultation required
7. Chartered shooting : Abailable / Tea room / Japanese-style room / Table seats x 3 rooms (toilet and water supply available)

Parking 4 cars available
Toilet 2
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【Location usage record】
OTV "Okinawa Mond Walker", Taiwanese program "魅力妻 in 沖縄 ~Charming Wife in Okinawa~", YouTube channel "CRAZY OKINAWA", Company PV " 原田晶光堂~Harada-Shokodo~", etc.

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