Kurashiki Dam

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This dam can be taken from a wide angle. The scale is the largest in the central part of the main island of Okinawa.
There are plazas, rivers and observation towers.
The outskirts are dotted with various facilities which devoted ingenuity.
In particular, the Yanbarumui area, where there is a stream with a total length of about 110 meters that draws water from the river, is perfect for enjoying water play with parents and children.
You can see the whole view of the dam, the Pacific Ocean, and the East China Sea from the museum, which was built with the concept of "the fun of water," and the observation tower, which is about 41 meters high.

Area Central Area / Uruma City
カテゴリーCategory Park and Leisure PoolPublic FacilityLakes/Rivers and FallsHistoric Landscape/Okinawan LandscapeObservatory
Postal Address 〒904-1112
879-1 Ishikawa Sonan, Uruma, Okinawa
TEL 098-938-9325

70 minutes through local road or 50 minutes through Okinawa Expressway from Naha Airport

Parking 142 regular cars, 16 large buses available
Toilet Available (also available for wheelchair users)

🎬 Shooting Records 🎬
Commercial shooting, Magazine shooting, shooting for various TV Show, etc.

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