Shirumichu (city-designated tangible folk cultural property)

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"Shirumichu" is a limestone cave on Hamahiga Island, where it is said that Shinerikiyo (Shirumichu) and Amamikiyo (Amamichu), the ancestor gods of Ryukyu Kaibyaku, lived there and gave birth to their children.

There is a torii gate at the entrance of Shirumichu, and if you climb the long 108-step staircase that extends behind it, you will see Shirumichu.

Shirumichu is a famous power spot in Uruma City. Please experience the mysterious charm of the area.

Area Central Area / Uruma City
カテゴリーCategory HeritageJungle
Postal Address Higa,Katsuren,Uruma City,Okinawa Prefecture

73 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the Okinawa Expressway)
41 minutes by car from Okinawa South IC


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