Grave of Amamichu (city designated historic site)

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"Amamichu's Tomb" is a grave where Amamikiyo (Amamichu) and Shinerikiyo (Shirumichu), the ancestor gods of Ryukyu Kaibyaku, are enshrined.

Surrounded by the beautiful sea of ​​Hamahiga Island, Amamichu's grave is also popular as a power spot like Shirumichu, and can be reached by crossing a small bridge that appears only at low tide.

The tomb of Amamichu, which can only be visited for a limited time in a day, is one of the precious historical sites.

Area Central Area / Uruma City
カテゴリーCategory HeritageSeasides and Beaches
Postal Address Higa,Katsuren,Uruma City,Okinawa Prefecture沖縄県うるま市勝連比嘉

70 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the Okinawa Expressway)
38 minutes by car from Okinawa South IC

Parking No
Toilet No

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