Tsuboya Ufu Shisa (Tsuboya Big Shisa)

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「Saion Ufu Shisa」in Saion square is his brother. A huge Tsuboya pottery shisa produced by the Tsuboya pottery method which has a more than 300 year history, originating in the Ryukyu Kingdom. This shisa was made by Tsuboya craftsmen and set up on February 9th, 2013 as a symbol of the town. It is popular among the children because he periodically exhales smoke-like water from his mouth. When you press the guidance button, you will hear the guidance voice in the Okinawan dialect. 「Ufu」 means big in the Okinawan dialect. He is protecting the residents and visitors as the town’s guardian.

Area Southern Area / Naha City
カテゴリーCategory Roads and BridgesHistoric Landscape/Okinawan Landscape
Postal Address Tsuboya Naha Okinawa In front of the Tsuboya Ophthalmological Clinic.

・About 20 minutes by car from Naha Airport
・Take the「Yui rail」 and get off at Makishi station. A 12-minute walk.

Parking None

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