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"Fukushuen is a traditional Chinese garden built in the image of the scenery of Fuzhou in China, where you can gain a sense of the four seasons from the seasonal flora. With lush greenery that will make you forget you are in the middle of the city, it is a great place for rest and relaxation.
Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00; Closed Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a public holiday and closed the following day). Parking: Matsuyama Park Pay Parking Lot (across the road from Fukushuen)."

Area Southern Area / Naha City
カテゴリーCategory Park and Leisure PoolForeign Landscape

A 15-minute drive from Naha on local roads/ about 30 minutes from Naha Interchange if using the expressway. [Monorail] About 10-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station / [Bus] About 15- minute walk from the Naha Bus Terminal.

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