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Okinawa Film Office is always accepting inquires and requests for support for all types of filming in Okinawa.


Location Shoot Support Request Form

To request for location shooting support, please print out the application form below and complete the required information. Be sure to place the seal of the representative, and mail or hand-deliver the form to our office.

*Application Form is provided both in WORD and PDF formats. Adobe Reader is needed to view PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, pleaseclick herefor a free download.


Application for Filming Support

  1. Application for filming support must be submitted no later than two weeks before the day of shooting. (For shootings taking place in less than two weeks, we will provide references to location shooting coordination firms and coordinators in Okinawa that offer services for a fee.)
  2. After shooting is complete and the film is released or broadcasted, information concerning the film, such as the title, details, and support provided by Okinawa Film Office may be published on our website, documents submitted to local governments, and various other materials. We will not provide support to parties that do not consent to such information release.
  3. As a general rule, the Film Commission does not make determination on whether to provide support based on the content of the film (we respect freedom of expression). However, if it is deemed that the film’s content or shooting methods will clearly cause detriment to the people of Okinawa as a whole, we will turn down the request for support.
  4. When requesting for support, please submit the following documents:
    (1) Shooting Support Request Form (Form available)
    (2) Company information and staff list * If you have applied previously, company information may be omitted.
    (3) Plan (drafts are accepted)
    (4) Production Schedule
    (5) Synopsis, Script (Scenario), Continuity, etc.
    (6) Copy of liability insurance policy (by the day before shooting start date in Okinawa)
  5. As a general rule, support can be provided only after all required documentation is submitted and formally accepted.



From the time of application to filming and release/broadcast, Okinawa Film Office will maintain confidentiality on all information it gains concerning the filming activity. In the event the information must be released to the local municipal government, approval authority, or any other third party, we will confirm with the applicant on the releasability of the information in advance. Memorandums on confidentiality can be entered into if necessary: please inquire.


Requests from Okinawa Film Office

Recipients of Okinawa Film Office support are asked to consider accepting the following requests (acceptance is voluntary):

  1.  Participate in local press conferences and/or courtesy calls to local mass media companies before and after filming as well as before and after the release of the film.
  2.  Include “OCVB Okinawa Film Office (JFC)” on the credit roll at the end of the film.
  3.  Authorize photo-taking at the filming site for documentation purposes.
  4.  Provide a copy of the final product for documentation purposes.
  5.  Authorize Okinawa Film Office’s use of photos used to promote the film at the time of broadcast/release, and provide copies of posters and leaflets.
  6.  Provide complimentary tickets for key people who participated in the filming (movies only).
  7.  Authorize use of photos and images to promote Okinawa Film Office, and provide copies of such images.
  8.  Use of the film as tourism resource after the film has been broadcasted or released.
  9.  Participate in a questionnaire survey after filming is complete.


Full Cancellation of Support(RED CARD)

In the following cases, filming support will be discontinued immediately, and we will cancel all support to the filming staff, the responsible party, production company and/or the film production committee.

Upon full cancellation of support, we will report the cancellation and the background thereof to: parties and organizations concerned in the filming (such as sponsors, film distribution company, film production committee, production company, and producer); Tourism Promotion Division, Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG); local municipalities; public agencies, private companies, organizations, and individuals in Okinawa associated with the filming; all businesses in Okinawa related with us; and the Japan Film Commission.

  1. Application forms containing false information submitted to us or other approval authorities.
  2. Illegal acts are observed, and deliberately continued even when asked to stop. (In addition to discontinuation of support, the police will be notified.)
  3. Dangerous acts that can lead to fatality and injuries are observed, and deliberately continued even when asked to stop.
  4. Acts that can lead to damage or destruction of rented facilities and materials are observed, and deliberately continued even when asked to stop. (Excluding those items that were pre-arranged to be damaged or destructed.)
  5. Any other wrongful acts, acts of violence, and/or acts that cause nuisance to others as observed by Okinawa Film Office.


Objections to Full Cancellation of Support

If there are objections to our decision to fully cancel its support, a formal objection may be filed with the OPG Tourism Promotion Division or the Japan Film Commission. The formal objection will be reviewed by the OPG Tourism Promotion Division / Japan Film Commission, after which the final determination will be made by the Chairman of the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau.